Auto Injuries

Our Specialty.

There are few modern medical problems having the complexity, frequency, loss of life and productivity, and economic costs as motor vehicle collision injuries.  With increased worldwide industrialization and the need for an increasingly mobile society, automobiles have become the primary source of transportation for many societies.  Although cars built today are safer in design, the rate of crashes increases steadily with increases in population, number of vehicles, and miles traveled. 

Though complex, the types of injuries sustained in these motor vehicle collisions often follow specific patterns.  These patterns (often referred to as “whiplash” injuries) require an equally specific treatment approach.  Our treatment of these injuries combined with rehabilitation exercises will maximize your recovery after an accident. 

It is imperative that you seek out a trained professional who can adequately diagnose and direct your care.  With our long standing tradition of excellence you can be confident you’ve turned to experts in healing.

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